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Latest News
ADO promotes alumni services and fund raising culture to alumni-to-be

UM Alumni and Development Office organized a booth at the “2012 Graduation Photo Taking Day” at the Ho Yin Convention Centre on 1 April 2012. The booth attracted numerous alumni-to-be to stop by and support the development of their Alma Mater.

In order to express sincere thanks to our alumni-to-be, ADO has prepared a graduation bookmark as a gift to all graduates, encouraging them to express their feeling by writing on the bookmark and share it to their beloved ones. Meanwhile, many graduates “Like” us on Facebook at the booth to receive updated news and alumni activities through Facebook in the future. Each graduate who “liked” ADO Facebook received a set of magnets featuring the UM campus paintings.

Aside from introducing the missions and functions of ADO, a fund-raising counter with UM souvenirs was arranged for graduates to give support to the future development of UM. Through their generous support, ADO has successfully raised MOP1,860 and the amount raised will be all donated to the University of Macau Development Foundation for UM’s development.

The objective of introducing the fund-raising counter is to cultivate the giving back culture among the graduates so that they can continue to keep in touch with us, join our alumni activities and support the development of their Alma Mater after graduation.

*ADO stands for the initials of Alumni and Development Office

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