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Latest News
Alumni and Development Office (ADO) Fund-Raising Activities Recap in First Half of 2013

To cope with the future development of the University, fostering community giving culture, developing and implementing fund-raising strategies, ADO organized two fund-raising activities by setting up donation booth at the “ADO Services at A Glance and 2012 Activities Photo Sharing Exhibition” in February and “2013 Graduation Photo Taking Day” in May 2013. The objective of introducing the fund-raising counter is to encourage students and staff to support UM’s future development through donation and cultivate the giving back culture among alumni.

“ADO Services at A Glance and 2012 Activities Photo Sharing Exhibition” was held at TG Gallery in UM from 18 to 22 February 2013. Memorable highlights of activities organized by ADO in 2012 such as "Alumni Day in China Series – A Night in Shanghai", “Alumni Mentorship Scheme”, “Alumni Chat Hours” , “Cooperate Experience Scheme” and “Donor Visits” were shown during the exhibition, which attracted numerous students and staff to stop by and support the development of UM.

Furthermore, ADO organized a fund-raising booth at the “2013 Graduation Photo Taking Day” on 11 May 2013. Aside from introducing the missions and functions of ADO, the fund-raising counter serves the purpose to cultivate the giving back culture among the graduates so that they can continue to support the development of their Alma Mater after graduation.

Through the generous support from alumni, students and staff, ADO successfully raised approximately MOP10,100 from around 100 participants. Each participant received a souvenir produced by ADO according to the amount contributed. All the amount raised has been donated to the University of Macau Development Foundation for UM’s long-term development.

All of you are welcome to show your support to UM! For enquiry, please feel free to contact Ms. Iong (83974244) or Ms. Ieong (83974245) or through email: ado@alum.umac.mo.

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