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Latest News
Donor Visit to SJM Holding Limited

In order to express sincere thanks to the scholarship donors and to strengthen and develop their relationships, the Alumni and Development Office (“ADO”) of the University of Macau (“UM”) organized another donor visit this year after the successful launch of visit to corporate donors last year. The activity not only can foster communication between the donor and students/ alumni but also broaden their horizons and cultivate a culture of caring about their Alma Mater.

ADO together with the “SJM Scholarship” recipients from 2009 to 2013, representatives from UM Student Union, students and teachers from East Asia College and faculty members went to Grand Lisboa Hotel, the flap ship hotel from SJM Holding Limited on 7 September 2013 to meet with Dr. Ambrose So, Chief Executive Officer of SJM Holding Limited. The activity began at 4:30pm with over 20 students and alumni who had previously received the SJM scholarship during their study and teachers. Dr. Ambrose So warmly welcomed the group and did valuable sharing in the meeting. Dr. So shared with students about the prospective for hotel industry, future development of their corporation and also introduced some interesting publications about the cultural development of Macau. Apart from inviting SJM scholarship recipients from the past few years, two students who were recently awarded with the newly established “SJM Mainland Chinese Postgraduate Students Scholarship” were also invited to the activity and represented UM to deliver an appreciation speech to the donor. A thank you card was presented to SJM by the two students to show their gratefulness for the generosity of the donor.

Participants began the hotel tour at Grand Lisboa Hotel after the group photo. Their first stop was to visit Robuchon au Dome, who was rated with the Three Michelin Stars Award. The restaurant was situated at the 43th floor of the hotel with a spectacular view of entire Macau city. Students had a chance to visit a 5 star hotel suite and were introduced with different special design features inside. With the warmly reception and detailed introduction by each department representative, the group could benefit a lot from getting a deeper understanding of the daily operations of a hotel. The visit was end by a wonderful dinner arranged by SJM and were enjoyed by everyone.

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