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About the University of Macau Development Foundation (UMDF)
The University of Macau Development Foundation (UMDF) was established in December 2009. It is a non-profit making organization, aiming at supporting and promoting UM to attain its academic and educational goals, helping UM increase its competitiveness locally and internationally, and creating all necessary and favorable conditions for such purposes.

Since its establishment, UM has been fortunate to receive tremendous supports from the local and neighboring community via the UMDF. With the generosity of many individuals and foundations, UMDF has received donations exceeding MOP700 million in total clearly confirming the commitment of the community to education.

Aims of UMDF

In order to achieve its aims and in accordance with the law, UMDF:
  1. Receives grants, gifts, legacies, bequests or donations, with terms and liabilities compatible with its aims;
  2. Provides funding for UM to carry out activities and projects that conform to the Foundation’s aims, promoting and enhancing teaching and research activities in UM, especially giving priority to those specified by the donors referred to in the item above;
  3. Encourages and promotes development of academic resources from inside and outside the Macao Special Administrative Region in order to carry out activities that conform to the Foundation’s aims;
  4. Assists individuals and organizations who are connected to UM in applying for support in academic or research areas from other entities;
  5. In order to achieve the Foundation’s aims, it makes stable and low-risk investments with reasonable return rates by using its resources.
For more information on the Foundation, please visit UMDF website: www.umdf.org.mo.