"Free to Read, Read to Free" Reading Week (9 -16 Sep)
"Free to Read, Read to Free" 讀書週 (9月9至16日)
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Department :SAO-SCDPosted Date : 27/08/2015
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Campus Activity

**參加以上活動之學生可獲得SAO至叻星及SPECIAL "A"
**Students participate the above activities will be awarded SMART POINT & SPECIAL "A"

11 Sep

日期: 9月11日 (星期五)
場次: 第一場 ---12:00 , 第二場 ---15:00, 第三場 ---18:00
片長: 131分鐘
地點: E2, 伍宜孫圖書館, 演講廳
語言: 法文(中文字幕)
報名: https://umac.asia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5gA4o0zQebEvuhn

影片內容: 《偷書賊》改編自全球暢銷小說,內容是關於一位勇敢的年輕女孩,在二戰時期因環境所逼,被送往德國家庭寄養。她從家人的鼓勵下,從不識一字到學會閱讀,更對書的魅力難以抗拒,並偷偷撿拾動亂時被焚燒的書,悄悄當起''偷書賊'',並與避難到家中的猶太難民分享。當周遭的生活如此動盪不安,文字和想像力成為帶著他們逃離現實的唯一精神食糧,究竟文字是如何救贖了戰亂的靈魂呢?


Movie Day -- "The Book Thief"

Date: 11 Sep 2015 (Friday)
Time: Session 1--12:00 noon, Session 2 --15:00, Session 3 -- 18:00
Duration: 131 minutes
Venue: Auditorium, Wu Yee Sun Library, E2
Language: French (Chinese subtitle)
Registration: https://umac.asia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5gA4o0zQebEvuhn

The story: The movie is based on best-selling novel The Book Thief. It is about a young girl living with her adoptive German family during the Nazi era. Taught to read by her kind-hearted foster family, the girl begins "borrowing" books and sharing them with the Jewish refugee being sheltered by her foster parents in their home...

**Limited quota provided**

·SAO Smart Point Awarding Rules:
*Students who attend the WHOLE activity and arrive ON TIME will be given one Smart Point.
*Students who arrive late or leave early within 10 minutes will be given only half a Smart Point.
*Students who arrive late or leave early over 10 minutes will NOT be given any Smart Point.
*Students who leave the venue during the activity for over 15 minutes will NOT be given any Smart Point.
*Students are required to check in/out of the activity with Student ID Card.