Exploring the Secrets of Energy Saving of UM Library
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Exploring the Secrets of Energy Saving of UM Library

The Wu Yee Sun Library has had outstanding performances in the previous University of Macau Energy Saving Competitions. On January 23, 2019, we came to our library with great curiosity and had a wonderful discussion with the Associate University Librarian, Dr. Raymond Wong, exploring the winning secrets of the Library.

"Our library used to be in the ‘consumption blacklist’ of electricity," Dr. Wong said wittily, "the admirable design of our library is energy-consuming." The library design leads to many energy use problems. First of all, though beautiful and grand, it is not an energy-efficient layout. The roof is made of glass, resulting in high consumption of air-conditioning. Then, the air conditioners of the library are set to a fixed schedule, which is relatively inflexible. Some unoccupied areas are left with air-conditioners on for long hours. Finally, the roof lights in the center of the library are not easily accessible. Lights that have failed may result in insufficient lighting at night. Despite all these, the Library has completed 12 energy-saving projects, including air conditioning, lighting, etc., since the first Energy Saving Competition.

Being highly energy-consuming, air conditioning is the key of energy saving. According to Dr. Wong, the Library has adjusted the temperature from 19°C to 23~24°C, setting the schedule to 07:00 to 24:00 daily, satisfying both user comfort and the needs to maintain the library collection in good condition. Meanwhile, in order to use lights more effectively, some lights are removed or turned off according to their locations. The Library is also considering lamp rental service for readers.

The most essential factor for winning the competition is the improvement of awareness on energy saving. "You do not forget to turn off lights or air conditioners at home. The sense of belonging to the university is very important." Emphasized Dr. Wong. Energy conservation is the responsibility of everyone and it should be carried out even without any tangible reward. Through staff meetings, regular inspections, real-time dashboard display, and coordination with personnel, the Library has encouraged everyone to promote energy awareness, and thus has become an exemplar of energy conservation.

Reporters: RC Energy Trainees – Hu Lizao (Lily), Jin Meitong (Miko), Xiao Lizhu (Shirley), Wang Yaqing (Su)
Photographer: RC Energy Trainees – Zhang Jinjie (Carl)

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