Energy Trainee of the Residential Colleges 2017 - 2018
書院節能先鋒 2017 - 2018
Ref. No : CMDO-ES/INT/021/2018Posted by :WinnieWKSam/UMAC
Department :CMDO-ESPosted Date : 21/06/2018
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Campus Activity

Graphs 圖表
Graphical illustration of energy consumption analysis of all Residential Colleges:

The graph below illustrates the actual power consumption of the 10 residential colleges for the years 2016 versus 2017 against a backdrop of the occupancies of the same two years. A regression using the data of 2016, i.e. weather and occupancy data, projecting the consumption of 2017 was graphed (green) as a comparison. It can be deduced from the graph that power consumption is largely related to weather and occupancy.

Graphical illustrations of Energy Utilization Index (EUI) performance of a few residential colleges:

The three graphs below show the EUI of 3 selected residential colleges as compared to a reference scale of 395MJ/m2/yr for the year 2017. The reference EUI is a statistical value for private housing provided by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in Hong Kong. The index is defined by the yearly energy consumed normalized by floor area. Applying this concept to the residential colleges, the EUI of each room is calculated. It can be seen that a majority of the college residents performed satisfactorily with only a handful of excessive users, reflecting a well-maintained culture of energy conservation in the colleges.