The spotlights of partial outdoor sports facilities have been replaced to LED light sources and installed lighting control system
Ref. No : CMDO-ES/INT/040/2018Posted by :isaacmak/UMAC
Department :CMDO-ESPosted Date : 21/11/2018
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Dear Students and Colleagues:

The spotlights of traditional metal halide lamps at the basketball courts near S8 University Mall(No.10 and No.11),W23 Cheng Yu Tung College (No.3, No.4 and No.5), E31 Student Activity Centre (No.8 and No.9) and the Beach Court have been replaced by the LED light sources,which can provide better illumination and energy conservation.

Also, the lighting control system has been installed for the above outdoor sports facilities, the users can turn on the spotlights manually in opening hours, after the set time the spotlights would turn off automatically to achieve better energy conservation.

The features of the lighting control system:

· The control panel has display screen to show the remaining operating time of the spotlights by countdown.

· The control panel has buttons for extending the operating time of the spotlights

· To avoid the spotlights keep turning on when the outdoor sports facilities are not in use.

How to use the lighting control system:

**Now the lighting control system is under trial operation for public test.**

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Lo (8822 8279) or Mr. Isaac Mak (8822 8281)

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