The Fourth University of Macau Energy Saving Competition Final Result
Ref. No : CMDO-ES/INT/029/2018Posted by :KinManL/UMAC
Department :CMDO-ESPosted Date : 03/09/2018
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Overall Result
Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to announce that The Fourth University of Macau Energy Saving Competition (February to June 2018) has been successfully completed. After a 5-month work, our electricity expense rose by 3.91% or MOP 890 thousands while comparing to 2017 but our electricity power consumption only increased by 0.46% or 84 thousands kWh. Among the 22 participating units, five of them could achieve considerable electricity cost saving. For details, please refer to the charts and figures below accordingly.

In addition, as approved by FMC, there are totally 10 prizes, namely “The Top 5 Energy-Saving Units”, “Faculty Big Saver”, “Best Implementer of Energy Saving Measures”, “Most Energy Efficient Residential College”, “Most Improved Participant (by exact amount)” and “Most Improved Participant (by percentage)” set up for this competition. Please find herewith the list of prize winners for your reference.

Prize winners of the Third University of Macau Energy Saving competition
  • The top 5 Energy-Saving units
1st Place Winner: “Faculty of Health Science” (E12),
2nd Place Winner: “UM Wu Yee Sun Library and University Gallery” (E1 & E2),
3rd Place Winner: “Cheong Kun Lun College” (W34),
4th Place Winner: “UM Sports Complex” (N8),
5th Place Winner: “Humanities and Social Sciences Building” (E21).
  • Faculty Big Saver
“Faculty of Health Science” (E12).
  • Best Implementer of Energy Saving Measures
“UM Wu Yee Sun Library and University Gallery” (E1 & E2).
  • Most Energy Efficient Residential College
“Cheong Kun Lun College” (W34).
  • Most Improved Participant (by exact amount)
“Faculty of Health Science” (E12).
  • Most Improved Participant (by percentage)
“Faculty of Health Science” (E12).

Thank you for your attention and supports

Energy Section

Remark: As W34 is the new operation building in June 2017, average electricity cost for 2017 of other college buildings will be used for comparison.

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