UMPA Graduation Committee: Notice on Extending the Purchase of Graduation Gowns for 2021 Graduates
澳門大學研究生會 第 3/2021 號畢業生委員會通告: 關於延長畢業袍預訂時間的通知
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Department :SAO-SDSPosted Date : 30/11/2021
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This bulletin is produced by Graduation Committee of UMPA and posted by Student Development Section.


Notice on Extending the Purchase of Graduation Gowns for 2021 Graduates

Dear students:

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many students did not return to UM in time to buy graduation gowns. In order to respond to the needs of postgraduate students and ensure that you can carry out the graduation photo shoot, graduation ceremony and other related matters next year, Graduation Committee of 16th UMPA specially issued this notice with two additional scheduled times. Students who need to purchase are requested to bring student ID card, cash (no currency exchange or changes will be provided, see attachment 1 for the price list) and personal size data (measure yourself in advance, see attachment for the size measurement table) to S3-G017(UMPA Office) to register and purchase graduation gowns from 2pm to 4pm of November 30th or December 1st, 2021. If you cannot go to the site to purchase due to personal reasons, you can entrust other students to bring cash, student ID card of the entrusted person, the personal information of yours (including the name, student ID number, faculty, major, email address, contact number, personal size data) to help you to purchase.
Please be informed that this extension will not provide measurement services, and we will no longer accept any application of booking if it is overdue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact

Thank you for your kind attention.

President of Graduation Committee of 16th UMPA

Wang Han

Extracted pages from UMPA畢業袍預訂表格.pdfExtracted pages from UMPA畢業袍預訂表格.pdf