UM Bicycle Rental Service Arrangement for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2018/2019 and Safety Tips for Bicycle Riding and Parking on Campus
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Dear Students and Colleagues,

The UM campus bicycle rental service for the second semester of academic year 2018/2019 is now open for application. Please see the arrangement in details below:

1. UM Campus Bicycle Rental Service for Students

First Batch (50 bicycles)
Submit the application form on or before the midnight of 16 January(Wednesday);
The first batch random draw will be held on Thursday, 17 January. The result will be announced on the STS website and the winners will be informed through email;
Any unsuccessful applications of this batch will automatically join into the next batch.

  • How to Apply:
1) Please click "e-form system" and input student ID and password to login;
2) Choose2018/2019學年第二學期租賃大學單車申請表 Student Renting UM Bicycle Application Form for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2018/2019 , then click "+New item";
3) Complete the form and click "Yes" for submission.

Note: Only one application will be accepted from each student.

Second Batch (50 bicycles)

The second batch will take place in the week following the students add/drop period. Please stay tuned for the detailed application time by checking the latest notice on E-bulletin.

  • The Rental Packages are as per below table:
    Rental (MOP)
    Weekly Package
    Monthly Package
    *Semester Package
*The UM Campus Bicycle has to be returned to STS before the recess starts.

The rental must be settled through E-purse. Students can recharge your campus card by e-purse add-value machine (AVM), located in front of Registry (G/F of N6), in the Postgraduate House (room G002, G/F of S3) or in the Central Teaching Building E6 (room G111i, G/F of E6);

In addition, all rental bicycles are without bicycle lock. Please bring along your own bicycle lock. The bicycle rentee, who has completed the registration and start to use the bicycle, should bear any damage or loss of the bicycle.

2. Bicycle registration system

Each self-brought bicycle should be registered with the Security and Transport Section. The registration of your personal bicycles can help in identifying bicycles in use on campus. It also serves as the proof of bicycle owner. The applicants should submit the completed registration form with a color photo of bicycle to STS. After completion of registration, a sticker will be placed on your bicycle for identification. The application procedures are as below:

    1. Download the application form from the website ( or get it from the Security Centre (E7-G003c);
    2. Send the completed application via email to;
    3. Upon received STS's notification, bring your Student Card/Staff Card and bicycle to the Security Centre in person for collecting the bicycle permit;

3. Voluntary Recycle and Re-use of Bicycle Program
As a platform to encourage the recycle use of bicycles, a voluntary bicycle recycling program has been launched. The bicycle owners could complete the registration form for voluntary bicycle disposal in Security Centre (E7-G003c) during office hours. Meanwhile, interested parties for re-using recycled bicycles could raise their request or make the reservation by calling 8822 4126 for query or further arrangement.

4. Bicycle Repair Shop, Self-Service Tyre Pumping Equipment and Bicycle Parking

1. A bicycle repair shop “HouVan” operated by UM students is now open to provide bicycle repair service for the University in the Student Activity Centre E31 (room G026, G/F of E31). Kindly note the cost should be settled by users. Their operating hours are:
    -Mondays to Fridays, 14:00 - 20:00;
    -Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays indicated by UM Calendar.

Please refer to the attached picture for the shop’s location.
Bicycle repair service location.jpg

2. The University has placed self-service tyre pumping equipment in the following security rooms for 24 hours’ free use: N6-G021, E7-G003, E11-G001, E21-G020, E31-G003, W22-G003和S9-G001 . Please refer to the pictures for the exact locations.Self-service Tyre Pumping Map .jpgSelf-Service Tyre Pumping Station.JPG

3. Currently, there are 70 bicycle parking stations installed throughout the campus, providing a total of 6,226 parking slots (please see the attachment for locations of the parking stations). Bicycle parking.jpg

5. Rules of Bicycle Riding and Parking

All cyclists, roller-skaters or automatic sliding devices users are reminded to obey the “Lei do Transito Rodoviario” of Macao SAR, "Rules of Bicycle Riding and Parking" and the below items when traveling on campus.

    • Safety Goes First

    1. Safety of pedestrians should be in the first priority;
    2. Protective equipment is important to cyclists. It is strongly recommended to wear helmet when riding bicycle;
    3. In crowded or narrow places, it is safer to dismount and walk alongside your bicycle;
    4. Always use bicycle lanes when available, always ride on the left of the bicycle lanes and allow other cyclists to pass you on the right. Ride only in the direction indicated by traffic signs and road markings;
    5. Obey "No Bicycle" signs;
    6. Observe traffic signs and road directions;
    7. Bicycles are not allowed inside any building;
    8. Keep the front and rear lights on when cycling in night time;
    9. According to the “Lei do Transito Rodoviario” of Macao SAR, under no circumstances should a cyclist carry another passenger;
    10. Bells are not recommended to use on campus;
    11. Entering tunnel with bicycle and cycling in pedestrian subway and on pavements are prohibited, offenders will be prosecuted.
    • Bicycle Parking
    1. Do not block pathways or cause inconvenience to pedestrians;
    2. Lock your bicycle and take all your personal property with you before leaving;
    3. Please park your bicycles in designated bicycle parking area.Bicycle parking signage.JPG

For more information, please refer to the Rules of Bicycle Riding and Parking below:
2014_09_23 Rules of Bicycle Riding and Parking rev 1.pdf

For enquiries, please contact Security and Transport Section at 8822 8439.

Best Regards,

Security and Transport Section