Special traffic and transport arrangements for Duathlon Race, event date: 15/11/2020 (Sunday)
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Department :CMDO-STSPosted Date : 10/11/2020
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Dear Students and Colleagues,

Please be informed that Duathlon Race will be held by the Sports Bureau on 15/11/2020 (Sunday), in order to cope with this event, UM will implement below special traffic and transport arrangements in the period between 06:00 am and 11:30 am.

1. Alumni Avenue North car gate (near N8) will be closed during the aforesaid period, vehicles may drive in/out of the campus through the car gate at Residence Avenue or Perfect Goodness Avenue;

2. Visitor Car Park P5 – During the aforesaid period, vehicle entrance/exit at Rua dos Saberes will be intermittently closed , and vehicle entrance/exit at E3 will be closed;

3. Part of Lotus Avenue and nearby walking trail, Library North, Central Avenue, Avenida da Saude, Avenida da Universidade and Rua dos Saberes will be segregated for race purpose;

4. The first campus loop service will be postponed to 11:30 am;

5. Route Map (for reference ONLY, provided by the organizer):
Race on 15.11.2020.pdfRace on 15.11.2020.pdf

6. DSAT announcement: http://www.dsat.gov.mo/dsat/croad_detail.aspx?id=237595

Please take heed of instructions of the Police, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Security and Transport Section