Updated the default quiz settings in UMMoodle to make it easier for teachers to create online quizzes
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Department :ICTO-ACTSPosted Date : 17/04/2020
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    Based on the feedback from faculty members, CTLE Academic Staff Advisors (Technology) and colleagues, we have updated the default quiz settings for teachers in UMMoodle. The changes to the default settings will hopefully make it easier for teachers to create online quizzes. Existing quizzes will not be affected. The changes will only affect new quizzes which are created after 20 April 2020. Teachers and teaching assistants can, at any time, change the quiz settings.

    The updates of default options in Quiz activity:
    • When time expires: Open attempts are submitted automatically
    • Maximum grade: 100
    • Auto-save delay: 5 minutes
    • Number of attempts: 1
    • Review options: Review attempt (Immediately after the attempt, After the quiz is closed)

    To learn more about the online assessments, please see:
    Designing Online Assessments: Tips from CTLE
    ICTO Knowledge Base
    • Moodle’s Quiz quick guide and Quiz Settings

    Thank you for your attention.

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