Sharing: Award Ceremony & Summary for the 5th University of Macau Energy Saving Competition
Ref. No : CMDO-ES/INT/007/2019Posted by :KinManL/UMAC
Department :CMDO-ESPosted Date : 11/03/2019
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Dear Colleagues and Students,

The Award Ceremony of "the 5th University of Macau Energy Saving Competition" conducted by the CMDO-Energy Section has been successfully held on 28 February. We would like to thank all units which participated in this competition and sent their representatives to attend the ceremony. May we take this opportunity to review some highlights of the event, more importantly, to share the summary report so that to enhance your understanding towards the energy saving competition. In addition, to promote the spirit of energy conservation in the UM campus, some tips of energy saving and interview of the winning units will be published regularly in the coming future.

Summary Report of “the 5th University of Macau Energy Saving Competition”:
The competition was held during August to December 2018. There were 22 units inclusively participating in this round of competition and it covered 42 user departments of the University. The overall electricity consumption by all participating units dropped by 3.91% (approximately 819,149kW), the outcome of energy saving is significant.

The winning units of this round of competition has saved MOP 750 thousand of electricity cost (approx.. 1.04 million kWh of electricity consumption), while the winning units of the 4th Competition saved MOP 470 thousand of electricity costs (approx.700 thousand kWh of electricity consumption). In sum, the winning units of the 5th Competition have achieved significant and better performance in both electricity costs saving and electricity consumption saving than those in the previous competition.

With most effort invested in the past three years, obviously the energy saving culture has been initially built in the campus and its community. To cope with the continuous development of the University, it is estimated that a solid increment of the population of staff & students, so as more space will be opened from time to time. All these development plans may result in increase of energy consumption. Hence, the core of the energy conservation project will focus more on the green campus and its sustainable development. To strive for building a green campus will be the common goal and shared by all stakeholders of the University.

Let's work together to build an environmental-friendly campus.

Best regards,

Energy Section