The Sixth University of Macau Energy Saving Competition (March Update)
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Department :CMDO-ESPosted Date : 25/04/2019
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Dear Colleagues

Almost all participating units’ electricity consumption increased in March. The top 10 participating units are “UM Sports Complex” (N8), “Lui Che Woo College” (W22), “Faculty of Science and Technology” (E11), “Shiu Pong College” (S9), “Chao Kuang Piu College” (W21), “Student Activity Centre, Faculty of Law & Faculty of Education” (E31, E32 & E33), “Cheng Yu Tung College” (W23), “Central Teaching Building” (E3-E7), “Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College” (W14), and “Research Building N22”. Among those top performing units, only “UM Sports Complex” (N8) could achieve saving in electricity consumption.

As for the award “Best Implementer of Energy-Saving Measures”, “University Gallery and Wu Yee Sun Library” (E1 & E2), “Choi Kai Yau College” (W12), and “Faculty of Business Administration” (E22) implemented 15, 14 and 9 energy saving measures respectively in March. The measures that they adopted may include switching off of unused lightings or computers before getting off work, setting air conditioning temperature to 25 degree, keeping doors and windows closed when air conditioners were running, adopting natural ventilation or electric fans instead of air conditioners, etc.

The charts and figures below demonstrate the performance of each participating unit in March.

Organizing units
Campus Management and Development Office – Energy Section
Faculty of Science and Technology

01-Feb to 30-Jun 2019


(The reward can be used in exchange activities among the faculty and staff or for the purchase of souvenirs. Its amount is not bound to the upper limit defined in the first clause of the “University of Macau Guidelines for Working Meals”, however, it shall be spent within the annual budget of 2019.)

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