Sports: Office of Sports Affairs (OSA) Monthly Activity Photo Sharing (Jul 2019)
體育: 體育事務部 (OSA) 每月活動照片分享 (2019年7月)
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OSA organized wonderful activities in Jul,
it's time to share our happiness with you!

Greater Bay Area Activity - Sports Exchange between UM Men's Volleyball Team and Ronggui Zhiye Jishu Xuexiao in Foshan
大灣區活動 - 澳大男子排球隊與佛山容桂職業技術學校體育交
5 Jul 2019 // 201975
Foshan // 佛山

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UM Rock Climbing Team won the Team Champion of University Group and the Individual Champion of Women's University Group at "Guangzhou Sports Climbing Open 2019"
13-14 Jul 2019 // 2019年7月13-14日
Guangzhou // 廣州

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UM Korfball Team got the 4th Runner-Up at "All China Students Korfball Championship 2019"
澳大合球隊於「2019 全國荷球錦標賽暨全國學生荷球錦標賽」奪得第五名
18-22 Jul 2019 // 2019718-22
Ordos // 鄂爾多斯

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UM Martial Arts Team won 8 Champions at "All China University Wushu Championship 2019"
18-24 Jul 2019 // 2019年718-24
Wuhan // 武漢

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UM Badminton Team participated in the "23rd All China University Badminton Championship"
19-24 Jul 2019 // 2019719-24
Hunan // 湖南

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UM Rock Climbing Team participated in the "The 17th Chinese College Student Rock Climbing Championship"
23-29 Jul 2019 // 2019年7月23-29日
Sichuan // 四川

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UM Staff won 8 medals in "Public Entities Sport Festival 2019"
澳大教職員於「2019公共機構體育競技大會」 8面獎牌
May - Jul 2019 // 2019年5-7
Macao // 澳門

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UM Staff participated in " 2019 Summer Competitive Festival "
14 Jul 2019 // 2019714
Macao // 澳門

Six UM Staff were participating in "2019 Summer Competitive Festival " on 14 Jul, which was organized by Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government. There was a total of 66 teams completing together and UM entered the top 32 finally.
N1 Mini Fitness room (N1-1022) and changing rooms (N1-1023 & 1024) are opened for UM Staff since 17 Dec 2018 (online registration is required for the 1st time)
N1 小型健身室 (N1-1022)及更衣室(N1-1023 & 1024) 已於2018年12月17日開放給澳大教職員使用(首次進入使用需網上登記)
17 Dec 2018 onwards // 由2018年12月17日開始
N1 Mini Fitness Room (1022) // N1 小型健身室 (1022)

In order to improve the health living style of UM staff, the N1 Mini Fitness room (N1-1022) and changing rooms (N1-1023 & 1024) are opened for UM Staff from 17 Dec 2018. The fitness room (142 square meters) locates on the first floor of N1 building, equips with 11 exercise machines, dumbbells and drinking fountain.
為了提升澳大教職員的健康生活模式,N1 小型健身室 (N1-1022)及更衣室(N1-1023 & 1024) 已於2018年12月17日開放給澳大教職員使用。健身室 (約142平方米)位於N1聚賢樓1樓,配有11台健身器材,啞玲及飲水機。