Sports: Office of Sports Affairs (OSA) Monthly Activity Photo Sharing (December 2019)
體育: 體育事務部 (OSA) 每月活動照片分享 (2019年12月)
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OSA organized wonderful activities in Dec,
it's time to share our happiness with you!

UM Martial Arts Team got 7 Awards at "2019 Traditional Wushu Elite Competition"
8 Dec 2019 // 2019128
Zhuhai// 珠海

UM Participated in the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Students Sports Camp"
20-24 Dec 2019 // 2019年12月20-24日
Guangzhou // 廣州
OSA has installed new display boards by the lift lobbies on 1st, 3rd and 4th floor in UM sports complex (N8) since the beginning of December
the lift lobbies on 1st, 3rd and 4th floor in UM sports complex (N8) // 澳大綜合體育館(N8)的134樓的電梯大堂

In order to decorate the lift lobbies and to better illustrate the sports facilities on each floor in UM sports complex (N8), OSA has installed new display boards on 1st, 3rd and 4th floor by the lift lobbies in UM sports complex (N8) (Please refer to the attached photos for further details).
為了裝飾電梯大堂並更好地展示澳大綜合體育館(N8)各個樓層的體育設施,體育事務部已於澳大綜合體育館(N8)的1、3和4樓的電梯大堂安裝了全新展板 (詳情請見附圖)
New signature place for UM Sports Complex (N8) large photography backdrop set up in late December
澳大綜合體育館(N8)新地標 — 大型拍照背景台 — 已於十二月底登場
UM Sports Complex (N8), outside Sports Pavilion // 澳大綜合體育館,主場館門外

The large photography backdrop will be a new signature place for creating memories in UM Sports Complex (N8) such as the University’s convocation, congregation, and any other remarkable ceremonies, events, and activities. Years into the future, we hope to see you all take photos fondly in front of it! // 此大型拍照背景台將會是澳大綜合體育館(N8)製造回憶的標誌性地點,如開學禮、結業禮等各類大型典禮和活動。未來的日子裡,我們希望看到你們在背景台前欣喜地拍照留念!
Replacement of floor transition strips at the Sports Pavilion and Training Hall
UM Sports Complex (N8), Sports Pavilion, Training Hall// 澳大綜合體育館,主場館,訓練館

For safety, the floor transition strips at the Sports Pavilion and Training Hall has been replaced
Swimming Pool 2019 Annual Maintenance: Changing Parts at plant room and conduct anti-slippery maintenance works at Swimming Pool surrounding area
Swimming Pool of UM Sports Complex // 澳大體育館游泳館

During the annual maintenance period 6-19 Dec 2019, OSA has arranged suppliers to replace the current rusted parts in the Swimming Pool plant room to ensure the smooth and normal
operation of the Swimming Pool. Besides, in addition to the floor of Swimming Pool male and female changing rooms, OSA has also arranged an anti-slippery maintenance work at the Swimming Pool surrounding area to prevent accidents that may happen due to slippery floor.
Replacement of Swimming Pool starting blocks
Swimming Pool of UM Sports Complex // 澳大體育館游泳館

Standard starting blocks have been replaced in the Swimming Pool, they can better match the functions of the existing swimming timing system and improve the training quality of the swimming team.
Annual deep clean is completed at the fitness room of UM Sports Complex
29 Dec 2019 // 20191229
Fitness Room (3001) // 健身室 (3001)

In order to provide a comfortable exercise environment for fitness room users, an annual deep clean was conducted at the fitness room of UM Sports Complex.