UM further postpones class resumption
Date of resumption to be announced two weeks in advance
澳大開課日再延遲 復課日將提前兩週公佈
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    Dear Colleagues and Students,

    In response to the continuous development of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Macao SAR government has announced that class resumption at local higher education institutions will be further postponed. The official arrangement for class resumption will be announced two weeks before the resumption date.

    According to the government’s announcement, there is no need for mainland students attending local higher education institutions to return to the city at the moment. They should stay home and monitor their health until class resumption. For more details, please visit the government's website:

    In addition, the university will continue to monitor the development of the epidemic and announce the latest news on the designated webpage of UM's Task Force of Pneumonia Prevention and Control: Please stay tuned.

    Best regards,
    UM Task Force for Pneumonia Prevention and Control


    因應新型冠狀病毒疫情持續,澳門特區政府宣佈, 全澳高等院校的開學日期將進一步延遲。正式的復課安排,將於復課前兩週公佈。

    特區政府表示,就讀本澳高等院校的內地學生無須來澳上學,並就地進行自我居家觀察,直至復課為止。 詳情可瀏覽澳門特區政府消息:;jsessionid=5E3C7ABE146DF3A7EC182F5EDFEA6C95.app03?0

    另外,校方會持續密切關注疫情發展,並透過本校的「肺炎防控工作小組」專頁 公佈有關最新訊息,敬請密切留意。

    澳門大學肺炎防控工作小組 謹啟

    (Ref: PPC/CO/021)