Preventive measures and suggestions implemented by Campus Management and Development Office
Ref. No : JFFF-BL58LKPosted by :JessicaF/UMAC
Department :CMDOPosted Date : 24/01/2020
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Dear Colleagues and Students,

We wish you a Happy and Healthy Chinese New Year!

Due to the Pneumonia Cases associated with Novel Infectious Agent, Campus Management and Development Office has implemented the following preventive measures and suggestions:
  • Set up the temperature measurement arrangement at the public entrances (including E2, S8 and N8 buildings). Temperature measurement will be applied to each person who enter the aforementioned buildings by Security personnel, it is apologized for any inconveniences caused.
  • The buttons on the campus elevators have been covered with a transparent film, cleaned and disinfected regularly. Disinfection will be strengthened according to the case situation.
  • Alcohol-based handrub and lidded rubbish bins for mask have been placed in the public areas of each building of campus.
  • Cleaning staff will use 1:99 diluted bleach to clean public areas and common facilities, including Library, building floors and handrails of staircases, furniture, handrails of escalators, and door handles, etc .; windows will be opened during cleaning to keep the environment dry and airy.
  • Floors, walls and other facilities of the toilets are cleaned with 1:49 diluted bleach.
  • For central air-conditioning system, dust filters will be washed more frequently and adjust ventilation system to increase fresh air exchange so as to enhance air flow.
  • For office and home, it is suggested to keep windows open to maintain good ventilation and wash dust filters of air-conditioners frequently.
  • Request our outsourced staff and vedors to keep watch on their health status. They should carry out temperature measurement, wear mask and strengthen cleaning.
  • Part of the entrances and facilities of S8 UMall will be temporarily closed. Please pay attention to the Notice on site.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best regards,
Campus Management and Development Office