Urgent Notice: Beware of Email Scams
緊急通知: 小心欺詐郵件
Ref. No : JWAI-C2HA4SPosted by :JeffWai/UMAC
Department :ICTOPosted Date : 28/04/2021
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Beware of Email Scams
Samples of Email Scams

    To: All Users

    ICTO received several reports from users this morning that they received a suspicious email as above. After investigation, the received email is a phishing email.

    Please DO NOT RESPOND to this kind of emails which purposely asking for your user name and password or personal information. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact our Help Desk.

    Reference: How can I identify a phishing, fake email and websites?

    Thank you for your attention!

    ICTO Help Desk
    Location : Room 2085, 2/F, Central Teaching Building (E5) (eMap)
    Telephone : 8822 8600
    Email : icto.helpdesk@umac.mo

    Thanks for your attention.

    Information and Communication Technology Office