Service Introduction of Campus Management and Development Office
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Dear Colleagues and Students,

Upon the commencement of the new academic year, all professors, students and staff members have returned to begin their new campus life. The Campus Management and Development Office would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our services to you. The Office supervises five functional administrative units, namely the Construction and Engineering Section, Energy Section, Facility Development Section, Facility Management and Maintenance Section, and Security and Transport Section.

To facilitate enquiry, the below table summarizes our key services with contacts and website for easy reference. Alternatively, you are also welcome to call our Campus Management Hotline 8822 8700 for assistance. Should you have any comment/suggestion to our services, please do not hesitate to write to us via email:

Last but not least, the Campus Management and Development Office wishes you all a joyful and enriching academic year. We will sustainably strive for continuous improvement in building a campus that is suitable for teaching, research, learning and living.

General EnquiryContact: Ms. Grace Tang
Tel: 8822 8679

Construction and Engineering Section
UM Campus Project Management, Design, Construction and Supervision
  • Construction works of laboratory, classroom, research center, office, Staff Quarter
  • Landscape and campus roads
  • Civil engineering and electrical & mechanical engineering works
Contact: Ms. Mandy Chu /
Ms. Annie Wong
Tel: 8822 4107 / 8822 8094

Energy Section
Energy Management and Conservation Promotion
  • Campus energy management
  • Optimization of E&M equipment performance
  • Facilities retrofit and promotion of energy conservation
Contact: Ms. Winnie Sam
Tel: 8822 8552
Repairs and Maintenance Services
  • Air-conditioning and heating ventilation facilities
  • Natural Gas System
  • Energy Monitoring System and Building Automation System (BAS)

For request of the above service, you may:
1) Place your request via Computerised
Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with intranet connection; or
2) Call Campus Management Hotline at
8822 8700
Contact: Ms. Suey Leong / Ms. Sarah Choi
Tel: 8822 8753 / 8822 4175

For urgent assistance during non-office hours, please contact Security Centre at 8822 4000.

Facility Development Section
Staff Housing
  • Staff Quarters management
  • Staff housing application
Contact: Ms. Hapi Lam / Ms. Kelly Chio
Tel: 8822 8478 / 8822 8479
Space Allocation
  • Application of additional space, return of occupied space, and existing space re-designation and remodeling
Contact: Ms. Suzana Lin Rodrigues /
Ms. Phila Lei
Tel: 8822 8073 / 8822 9952
Dining and Retail Outlets Services
  • Outlet planning and leasing
  • Outlet operation management supervision
  • Outlet promotion
Contact: Ms. Beta Lam / Mr. Dicky Lou
Tel: 8822 8531 / 8822 8798
Venue Support Services
  • Internal and external venue applications
  • Venue equipment and set-up support
Contact: Ms. Josephine Wo /
Ms. Jaclyn Lei
Tel: 8822 8481 / 8822 8460

Facility Management and Maintenance Section
Repairs and Maintenance Services
  • Electrical and Mechanical Facilities
    Facilities such as lighting fixtures, electrical sockets, pumps, hot water system, UPS, generators, elevators and escalators, etc.
  • Building and Outdoor Facilities
    Facilities such as doors, windows, locks, ceilings, floorings, walls, furniture, pavements, driveways and railings, etc.
  • Water Supply and Drainage Facilities
    Facilities such as plumbing & drainage system, sanitary appliances, drinking fountains and underground sewage system, etc.

For request of the above service, you may:
1) Place your request via Computerised
Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with intranet connection; or
2) Call Campus Management Hotline at
8822 8700
Contact: Mr. Garrus Kok /
Ms. Stephanie Chak
Tel: 8822 8474 / 8822 8677

For urgent assistance during non-office hours, please contact Security Centre at 8822 4000
Cleaning Services
  • Routine/periodical cleaning services
  • Event cleaning services
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Hazardous waste transportation
Contact: Ms. Brenda Lo / Ms. Jennifer Lei
Tel: 8822 8398 / 8822 4517
Pest Control
  • Conduct regular pest control
  • Handle pest cases
Contact: Ms. Brenda Lo
Tel: 8822 8398
Classroom AV and Teaching Equipment
  • Management and maintenance of projector, screen, microphone, visualizer and central clock system

To make online reservation for classroom AV system, please go to: (login and select “Resource Booking”)
Contact: Mr. Fandy Chan / Mr. Alex Hong
Tel: 8822 2511

For urgent assistance during non-office hours, please contact Security Centre at 8822 4000
Venue AV Equipment Support Services
  • Venue AV equipment layout and operation
  • AV system inspection service for meeting room and laboratory
  • Provide technical advice on AV system
Contact: Mr. Eddie Lam / Mr. Gino Wong
Tel : 8822 8436 / 8822 8448
Landscape & Waterbody Management
  • Outdoor greening, landscape and waterbody management
  • Indoor potted plants and temporary arrangement
Contact: Mr. Jason Lao / Ms. Carmen Iao
Tel: 8822 8562 / 8822 8706
Campus Signage
  • Directories
  • Directional signs
  • Door plates
Contact: Ms. Maggie Ng
Tel: 8822 8440
LCD Digital Signage System and Rolling Light Box
  • A communication channel for publicizing campus news, activities and promotion purpose
  • Both indoor and outdoor, single-sided and double-sided LCD digital signage system and rolling light box are available
Contact: Ms. Maggie Ng (Rolling light box)
Tel: 8822 8440

Contact: Mr. David Chong (Digital signage system)
Tel: 8822 8457
Moving and Furniture Services
  • Set up exam venues, campus ceremonies and function rooms
  • Move UM assets and sundry materials on campus
  • Office relocation service
  • Acquire standard furniture and appliances for new building
  • Furnish new office
  • Acquire standard furniture for new academic staff
  • Replenish barreled distilled water for staff pantries
  • Send documents to Garbage Furnace for burning
Contact: Mr. Chris Chan / Mr. Jim Fong
Tel: 8822 8711 / 8822 8657
Recycling Services
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Disc
  • Toner cartridge
  • Battery
  • Glass
  • Electronic product
  • Used clothing
Contact: Ms. Jennifer Lei
Tel: 8822 4517
Printing Services
  • Application of bulk printing
  • Printing of examination paper
Contact: Mr. Lao Kit Fai
Tel: 8822 8697
General Administrative Support
  • Official mailing service
  • Ferry ticket requisition service for official trip
  • Publication subscription service
Contact: Mr. Vitor Drummond /
Ms. Tobe Wong
Tel: 8822 8605 / 8822 8646
(Official mailing service)

(Ferry ticket requisition)

Security and Transport Section
Security and Access Control
  • Access control management
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Parking control and traffic management
  • Emergency handling
  • Bicycle management
  • Lost and found
  • Application for Unmanned Aircraft Operations on Campus
Contact: Mr. Fernando Cheang/
Mr. Chu Ka Kin
Tel: 8822 8304 / 8822 4126
  • Transportation service
  • UM fleet
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Campus loop service
  • Parking permit
Contact: Ms. Cherry Chu / Ms. Dora Leong
Tel: 8822 8439 / 8822 8651
Fire Services
  • System repair and maintenance
  • Operation training
Contact: Mr. Alex Io
Tel: 8822 8311

In addition, for the sake of providing a safe and hygienic campus environment to the UM community, deep cleaning and disinfection have been carried out for campus facilities prior to the beginning of the new academic year, hand sanitizers are also placed in lecture halls and classrooms for use. The cleaning and disinfection of classrooms will be strengthened after beginning classes, and all parties shall undergo temperature measurement when entering campus buildings and car parks.

Furthermore, as the implementation of epidemic prevention measures have become normalized, CMDO would like to remind colleagues and students to maintain good personal hygiene. Remember to wear your mask and wash your hand frequently. Thank you for your kind cooperation!

Best Regards,
Campus Management and Development Office