Green Tips for Chinese New Year - 3R
新春環保小貼士 - 「三用原則」
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Dear Students and Colleagues,

Chinese New Year is approaching. When we spend our holidays together with families and friends, we might generate a great deal of waste without considering the environment through shopping, gift giving and even eating and drinking. In fact, with the simple idea of the '3R' concept of reducing, reusing and recycling in mind, we can play our part well in helping to save the environment even when enjoying our holidays.

Green Tips for Chinese New Year

  • Take new bank notes and red packet envelopes according to actual needs.
  • Bring your own bags to reduce consumption of plastic shopping bags.
  • Adopt simple packaging and minimize gift wrapping to avoid waste of resources.
  • Send electronic greeting messages instead of paper greeting cards as the former can deliver the same message with less resource.
  • Use reusable tableware during gatherings and parties and avoid excessive food.

  • Reuse red packet envelopes and bank notes when preparing red packets.
  • Store holiday decorations and ornaments for reuse in the following year.
  • Donate unwanted gifts to the needy through charitable organizations.
  • Separate all recyclable materials, such as metals, plastics, waste paper and other recyclables from waste stream and put them in recycling bins to facilitate recycling.

Office of Health, Safety & Environmental Affairs

Source: Hong Kong Environmental Department and Hong Kong Waste Reduction Web Site