UM urges staff and students to cooperate with government’s epidemic prevention measures and stay in Macao for CNY
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    Dear colleagues and students,

    The University of Macau (UM) would like to thank all staff and students for their support and cooperation in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in the past year.

    In view of the continued development of the pandemic around the world and the sporadic occurrence of confirmed cases in mainland China, the Macao SAR government has issued an appeal to the public to stay in Macao during the upcoming Chinese New Year in order to reduce the movement of people. In this regard, the university requests all staff and students to cooperate with the SAR government's epidemic prevention policy, avoid all non-essential travel during the holiday, and pay close attention to the epidemic prevention measures announced by the SAR government. The university will comply with the relevant regulations for the implementation of various preventive measures in order to assess the risk and take appropriate measures for students and staff returning to UM from outside Macao.

    Please pay close attention to the latest information about the epidemic and various prevention measures at the websites of the Health Bureau, the Government Information Bureau, and UM (please browse with Google Chrome):

    Health Bureau
    Full-text version of the article urging residents to stay in Macao for the Chinese New Year
    Thank you for your cooperation

    Task Force for Pneumonia Prevention and Control