Introduction on University Transportation Services in Academic Year 2018/2019
2018/2019 學年大學交通服務簡介
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Dear Colleagues,

At the start of the new academic year, the Security and Transport Section (STS) would like to take this opportunity to introduce our transportation services to all of you, which include 1) campus loop shuttle service, 2) staff shuttle bus service during morning and evening peak hours, 3) campus parking and 4) information and tips for taking public buses to campus, please refer to the tables below for the details.

For enquiries, please contact our STS colleagues at 8822 8651 or 8822 8652 or email to

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Security and Transport Section

Campus Parking
Campus Parking

There are 7 basement car parks on campus opening to staff members and/or public including students, contractors and visitors, namely the Visitor Car Parks P1, P3, P5 & P6 and Staff Car Parks P2, P4 & P7. All UM car parks operate 24 hours daily.

According to the "University of Macau Parking Management Rules", visitors are charged for full parking fee while staff and students can enjoy 50% discount on hourly rate or apply monthly pass (MOP$200 for light vehicle and MOP100 for motorcycle) for campus parking. For tariff details, please refer to the "University of Macau Parking Management Rules" on STS website (

To enjoy the staff privilege in parking,
1. staff may take regular hourly tickets when entering the visitor car parks and present the valid staff cards to the Shroff for waiving 50% of the parking fee;
2. staff who have applied monthly pass can access the authorized UM car parks with the pass except the Visitor Car Park P1; monthly pass is not applicable for parking in Visitor Car Park P1 according to the above Rules.

Car Park(s)LocationUsers
Visitor Car Park P1*Basement of UM Sports Complex (N8)Public & staff
Staff Car Park P2Basement of Administration Building (N6)Staff
Visitor Car Park P3Basement of UM Guest House (N1) and University Hall (N2)Public & staff
Staff Car Park P4Basement of Humanities and Social Sciences Building and Faculty of Business Administration (E21 – E22)Staff
Visitor Car Park P5Basement of UM Wu Yee Sun Library (E2) and Central Teaching Buildings (E3 - E7)Public & staff
Visitor Car Park P6Basement of Postgraduate Houses (S1 - S2) and University Mall (S8)Public & staff
Resident Car Park P7Basement of Staff Quarters (S21 – S35)Staff Quarter residents with resident parking permits
*Monthly passes are not applicable in P1.
Moreover, a temporary Motorcycle Parking Area is set in Rua dos Saberes, near E5. Please refer to the attached map for the exact location.Map of UM Car Parks.jpgMap of UM Car Parks.jpg

The application form for monthly pass can be obtained from STS office (N6-3019), or it can be downloaded from STS website via intranet:

Monthly Pass for the Regular Parking Area

According to the revisedThe University of Macau Parking Management Rules, the Regular Parking Area has neem established within the Resident Car Park P7. UM staff, students and authorized users may each apply for a Monthly Pass for the Regular Parking Area, on top of the existing ones, to be used for the parking of the registered vehicle at an assigned parking space within the Regular Parking Area. The parking fee of the Monthly Pass for the Regular Parking Area is MOP700 per month with fixed rental term of six months, which shall be paid in lump sum and in advance.

Now you are all welcome to apply by approaching the Security and Transport Section at Room N6-3019 or sending the application form with the requested information via email to<>.
Application form and guidelines for the “Monthly Pass for the Regular Parking Area”: (access through intranet)

Notes for the Car Park System

  • The parking guidance system: The signals include: Green——Available, Red——Occupied, Blue——Reserved Parking Space. Please be aware of the signal when parking.
  • Number of Parking space display board at car park entrance: The parking space display board displays the numbers of available parking spaces for different type of users, which include monthly pass and hourly ticket (i.e. regular ticket).
  • License plate recognition function: For vehicle with monthly pass, the system will check the vehicle plate number against the application record, and may result to access deny when the record is not updated. Monthly pass holders are reminded to update the registered vehicle information with the Security and Transport Section (STS) by filling in the application form below whenever change incurs: