Psychological Health Tips: Coping with Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
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Dear Colleagues and Students,

Due to the recent outbreak of novel coronavirus, many of us are very concerned about the situation. We encourage you to stay tune to the official news from the government and university, use scientific preventive measures, take care of yourself and your close ones. It is not uncommon that, in such situation, people could feel anxious, fearful or experience the following stress reactions.

  • Inability to stop oneself from being exposed to related news;
  • Feeing anxious, fearful and vigilant;
  • Suffering from insomnia and other forms of sleep disturbance;
  • Feeling depressed, low and helpless;
  • Feeling angry and irritable;
  • Losing interest and pleasure in everyday activities.

These are normal reactions to an abnormal event. However, we shall take better care of ourselves at times like this. Properly managing our stress reactions could help our immune system. The following practices are generally helpful to our adjustment:
  • Stay tune to the official news from the government and the university, and reduce exposure to unconfirmed or disturbing information about the situation;
  • Maintain a regular schedule of activities and take plenty of rest;
  • Allow yourself to talk about the experience and to express your emotions with trusted ones;
  • Regain your positive energy by doing what makes you relaxed and happy.

If your stress reactions persist or begin to affect your daily life, please contact the university counselling service.

For students:
Psychological Counselling Centre, Student Affairs Office

· Tel: 88224681

· Email:

· Website:

For staff:
Staff Mental Health & Development Consultation Service and Referral Programme

· Website

For the latest information, please refer to website of Pneumonia Prevention of Macau Health Bureau and Taskforce for Pneumonia Prevention and Control of University of Macau.

Best Regards,

Taskforce for Pneumonia Prevention and Control

University of Macau