Sports : UMSU Dance Society - "Dancers are Not Backstage 2020" Showcase Recruitment (Registration Deadline: 26 Apr)
體育 : 澳大學生會舞蹈學會 — 「舞蹈員不是舞台的配角2020」 網上成員選拔 (截止報名日期: 4月26日)
Ref. No : LHUG-BNVBEHPosted by :LuisHung/UMAC
Department :OSAPosted Date : 22/04/2020
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Campus Activity

本通告由澳門大學學生會 舞蹈學會 提供、體育事務部 (OSA) 代傳
This bulletin information is provided by Dance Society of UMSU and posted by Office of Sports Affairs (OSA).


Hello everybody! The annual member audition of Danso is coming! Because of the covid-19, the audition will change to an online audition, students will have to shoot a short video for the audition.

Deadline of registration: 26.4.2020
Deadline of video submission: 1.5.2020

Registration fee:
Member 10 mop
Non-member 20 mop

If you want to join our annual showcase 'DANB' and be a part of Danso, just scan the QR code on the poster! The details of the audition will be shown in the registration form, please read it carefully. We hope you can join us!

Don't hesitate! If you miss this precious opportunity, you will be regret!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact information:

Phone number:66514637(Raymond)