Reminder: Scholarship Guidelines for Undergraduate Students who joined 2021/2022 exchange programmes (submit academic record by 16 Aug 2022)
提提您:獎學金指引-適用於參加2021/2022學年對外交流計劃的學士學位課程學生 (於8月16日前遞交成績證明)
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Department :SAO-SDSPosted Date : 09/08/2022
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Scholarships Guidelines
(For undergraduate students who joined outgoing exchange programmes in the academic year 2021/2022)

To be eligible for the scholarship selection (scholarships managed by SAO), students who joined the outgoing exchange programme(s) in either semester or both semesters of the academic year 2021/2022 have to fulfill the requirements mentioned in the attached guidelines. Related students should read through the guidelines and submit the academic record of the exchange semester/academic year to their own faculty on or before 16 August 2022.

Scholarship Guidelines:

Scholarship Guidelines 2022.pdf

The selection of the scholarships mentioned in this bulletin and guidelines is mainly based on students' academic performance.

For the list of scholarships, kindly visit SAO website:

Students who did not join the outgoing exchange programmes do not need to submit any document, scholarships will be allocated to eligible students according their GPA.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Kaman Hoi of Student Affairs Office at 8822 4638 or

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