06/08/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: Hike for Fun, organized by Sports Bureau (Registration Deadline: 9 Sep, 23 Sep, 30 Sep)
04/08/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: Bike for Fun, organized by Sports Bureau (Registration Deadline: 28 Aug, 11 Sep, 9 Oct)
29/07/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: Beach Recreational and Sports Activities, organized by Sports Bureau (Activity Date: 9 August)
20/07/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: 2020 Summer Sports Festival, organized by Sports Bureau (Registration Deadline: 14 Aug )
15/04/2020OSANOTICE: Arrangement of Reopening of Some UM Sports Facilities
06/03/2020OSAExternal Activity: 2020 "Macao Sport" Photography Competition organized by Macau Sports Bureau (Submission deadline: 4 Jan 2021)
16/01/2020OSASports - Weekly Pool Cleaning Arrangement for UM Swimming Pool in 2020
03/12/2019OSASports: Closure Dates and Time for Monthly Surface Cleaning of Outdoor Basketball and Tennis Courts in Year 2020