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Reminder: Enrolment for Obra das Mães Nursery School Starts Today (01/03/2021)
提提您:母親會托兒所將於今天 (01/03/2021) 開始接受報名
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Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 26/02/2021
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Dear Colleagues,

提提您:澳門母親會聖約翰托兒所將於202131(09:00)20(18:00)公開招生。如於202132018:00或之前交妥文件,澳大教職員之子女報讀母親會聖約翰托兒所(澳大校區)將有優先名額 (其他母親會托兒所除外)。請各位同事遵循以下報名程序並遞交所需文件:

A friendly reminder that the Macau Obra das Mães Creche S. João Nursery School will open registration from 1 March (09:00) to 20 March 2021 (18:00). Priority will be given to the children of UM staff members who complete the submission of documents by 18:00 in 20 March 2021 (Applicable to Nursery School at UM Only). Please follow the application procedures and submit required documents as shown below:

Please note that interested parties can submit the enrolment form through online application:

Online Application
Step 1: Fill in and submit application form through website
during 1 March (09:00) to 20 March (18:00)
Step 2: Provide Application number, Name of your child and your UM staff card copy to Obra das Mães before
20 March 2021 via:

For more information, please refer to poster as attached or browse http://www.odm.org.mo/index.php or call 2850 6361.


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