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Important Notes to Regular Academic Staff who are Planning to Leave Macao or Stay Outside Macao during Recess Periods
[重要通知] 計劃在休課期間離澳或於澳門境外逗留的全職教學人員須知
Ref. No : DSZE-BVM4BXPosted by :DorothySze/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 23/11/2020
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The following information is provided by the Office of Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) and posted by the Human Resources Section of the Office of Administration.

Dear Colleagues,

Viewing that there are festive holidays in the upcoming months, regular academic staff who plan to leave Macao or stay outside Macao during the recess periods should observe the following:

    1. The Macao SAR Government suggests the public to avoid travelling to areas with widespread community transmission and/ or high incidence of COVID-19;

    2. Currently, the Macao SAR Government is implementing entry measures for prohibiting the following individuals from entering Macao:
    (i) Foreign nationals holding non-resident worker's identification card (blue card);
    (ii) Residents of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who have visited any foreign countries in the past 14 days prior to arriving in Macao.

    (There is a policy announced by the Macao SAR Government on 09 November 2020 (Attachment 1) allowing people of (i) and (ii) mentioned above to make request for the entry ban exemption, but this does not imply that the Government is encouraging travelling. It is strongly recommended to follow the suggestion from the Macao SAR Government in point 1 listed above.)

    3. Regular academic staff should apply for annual leave, advance annual leave or no-pay leave for undergoing the medical observation (currently 14 days) as required by the health authorities;

    4. It is the responsibility of the regular academic staff to resume their duties at the University according to the schedule of University Almanac for Academic Year 2020/2021;

    5. In any special circumstances that the regular academic staff who may not be able to return to Macao to resume their duties should inform and provide justification to their Faculty Office as soon as possible, and should apply for annual leave, advance annual leave or no-pay leave during the absence;

    6. As the pandemic of COVID-19 persists worldwide, regular academic staff should be prudent in deciding whether their travel plans (if any) are necessary, and be vigilant in observing any possible sudden change of entry restrictions as a result thereof.

For more information on anti-pandemic measures announced by the Macao SAR Government, please visit the website of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention: https://www.ssm.gov.mo/apps1/PreventCOVID-19/ch.aspx#clg17048 (suggest to copy this link to Google Chrome for browsing)

Thank you for your attention.

Human Resources Section
Office of Administration
(附件一) (Attachment 1)- 豁免入境限制政策 Policy of Entry Ban Exemption_ 9 Nov 2020.pdf(附件一) (Attachment 1)- 豁免入境限制政策 Policy of Entry Ban Exemption_ 9 Nov 2020.pdf