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Awardee List of the "Outstanding Administrative Staff Award" and the “Most Creative Slogan Award” 2021
2021 年度「傑出行政人員獎」及 「最具創意口號獎」得獎名單
Ref. No : DTTT-CEACDCPosted by :DaisyT/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 10/05/2022
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Dear Colleagues,


This year more than 1,000 colleagues actively participated in the University-wide online voting for the "Outstanding Administrative Staff Award” and the “Most Creative Slogan Award”. According to the number of votes, the Assessment Committee is pleased to announce the awardees as follows:

“Outstanding Administrative Staff Award”
Nomination Group – Rector

  • RTO – Ms. Lok Man San, Carmen

Nomination Group – Vice Rector (Academic Affairs)
  • AAO-REG – Ms. Pang Ka In, Ashley
  • CMDO-FMM – Mr. Lam Kam Wa, Eddie
  • CMDO-FMM – Mr. Wu Hin Weng, Bruno
  • CTLE – Mr. Wong Weng Hou, Fernando
  • FAH – Ms. Chan Fui Hing, Connie
  • FAH – Ms. Chao Ka Man, Tina
  • FAH – Ms. Kou Kit Wa, Hera
  • FBA – Mr. Lam Keng Lon, Terry
  • FED – Ms. Cheong Un Fong, Kate
  • FSS – Ms. Lio Sio Man, Claudy

Nomination Group – Vice Rector (Global Affairs)
  • ICTO-IMS – Ms. Lee Pui Sze, Priscilla
  • ICTO-IUS – Mr. Chang Kam Seng, Arcturus

Nomination Group – Vice Rector (Research)
  • ICI – Ms. Ana Paula Sou

Nomination Group – Vice Rector (Student Affairs)
  • FPJC – Ms. Chan Kai Iong, Goretti
  • SAO – Ms. Wu Iok Cheng, Candy

Nomination Group – Vice Rector (Administration)
  • ADMO-HRS – Ms. Hon Mui, Shirley
  • ADMO-HRS – Ms. Leong Weng Chi, Gigi
*The names above are listed in alphabetical order of the appraisal units in 2021

“Most Creative Slogan Award”
  • ICTO-IUS – Mr. Chang Kam Seng, Arcturus
    Awarded Slogan: IT問題唔怕多,8600快夾妥。
    Never worry about computer problem, Call 8600 to get the solution.

Please join us to congratulate the awardees. Their outstanding performance and prominent contributions to the University are highly appreciated! Last but not least, a big thank you for your participation in OASA 2021 voting!

Best regards,
Assessment Committee for Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2021