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Recruitment Advertisements of 5 Academic Positions and 1 Research Position
Ref. No : EHOO-CB46PQPosted by :EnsonHo/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 28/01/2022
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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the positions below were advertised recently:

1. Full/Associate Professor in English Education
(Ref. No.: FED/FAP/EE/01/2022)
For details, please visit:
https://career.admo.um.edu.mo/fed_fap_ee_01_2022/ 2. Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Photography and Experimental Video Art
(Ref. No.: FAH/DAD/FAPPE/01/2022)
For details, please visit:
https://career.admo.um.edu.mo/fah_dad_fappe_01_2022/ 3. Full/Associate/Assistant Professor in Chinese Art History and Classical Chinese Art Theory/Philosophy
(Ref. No.: FAH/DAD/FAAP/01/2022)
For details, please visit:
https://career.admo.um.edu.mo/fah_dad_faap_01_2022/ 4. Associate/Assistant Professor in Visual Communication Design and Web Design
(Ref. No.: FAH/DAD/AAPS/01/2022)
For details, please visit:

5. Associate/Assistant Professor in Western Philosophy
(Ref. No.: FAH/DPHIL/AAP/01/2022)
For details, please visit:

6. Research Assistant Professors
(Ref. No.: RSKTO/RAP/01/2022)
For details, please visit:
https://career.admo.um.edu.mo/rskto_rap_01_2022/ To browse the advertisements of other hiring positions, please visit our website: https://career.admo.um.edu.mo/.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Human Resources Section