Extension of PR forms submission deadline to PCT for 2018 Year End Closing (new deadline: 05/11/2018)
Ref. No : ELAI-B5LDXXPosted by :ElisaLai/UMAC
Department :ADMO-PCTPosted Date : 16/10/2018
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Dear Colleagues,

With the aim of achieving the target of budget execution rate among units of UM, the PR forms submission deadline to PCT will be extended to 5 Nov 2018 in order to allow more time for units to prepare purchase request. After the said deadline, only exceptional cases which are extremely urgent or with strong justifications would be considered.

Please note that the requests for goods/services that require a longer delivery period should be submitted earlier to ensure timely delivery.Moreover, for PR cases processed by ADMO-PCT, user units should pass the ORIGINAL invoices to ADMO-PCT on or before 2 Jan 2019 for settlement with 2018 budget.

Should you have any queries, please contact our PCT colleagues:
For goods: Cindy Ieong, ext: 4944, cindyieong@umac.mo
Alex Fong, ext: 8581, alexcifong@umac.mo
For services: Joanne Ng, ext: 8528, joanneng@umac.mo
For works: Mac U, ext: 8514, macu@umac.mo
For administrative issues: Elisa Lai, ext: 4830, elisalai@umac.mo

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

Sue Wong
Head of Procurement Section
Office of Administration