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Fair for Household Goods 2022
生活百貨商品展 2022
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Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 28/11/2022
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Fair for Household Goods 生活百貨商品展 2022

You are welcome to join us in the fair!

Staff members who are interested to join this Fair for Household Goods 2022 could first register the entry timeslot, for our better crowd control during pandemic. Please register here on or before 02/12/2022 (Friday).
有興趣參加今次生活百貨商品展2022之同事可先登記入場時間,以便在防疫期間作出更好的人流管制,請於 02/12/2022 (星期)或之前

For further queries, Ms. Queenie Lo (queenielo@um.edu.mo or ext. 8681) or Ms. Yoyo Lau (yoyolau@um.edu.mo or ext. 8591) are ready to assist you.
如有疑問,歡迎聯絡人力資源處羅小姐 (queenielo@um.edu.mo or ext. 8681) 或劉小姐(yoyolau@um.edu.mo or ext. 8591)。

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