2018 Administrative Workshops (5) - Procurement Related Guidelines
2018年度行政工作坊(五) 之 採購相關指引
Ref. No : PLOI-B2C7CVPosted by :PhoenixLoi/UMAC
Department :ADMO-PCTPosted Date : 04/07/2018
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The first session of “2018 Administrative Workshops (5) - Procurement Related Guidelines” organized by ADMO-PCT was successfully conducted on June 27th in Room 5001 of N6 Administration Building. Representatives from all the academic and administrative Units of UM attended the workshop, with the participants of about 140. Lots of questions and ideas were exchanged during the Q & A session. The workshop is held in three sessions, on June 27th, July 5th and 9th respectively. At present, the total number of participants has exceeded 430.

The content of the workshop includes:

  • Major revision of the “Guidelines for Composition of Selection Committee”
  • Introduction of the new “Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Services and Works with an Amount of MOP50,000 or Below”
  • Problems raised by units and proposed resolutions
  • Demonstration of procurement workflow processed by Units

In the workshop, participants were enthusiastic in sharing their problems and opinions. The ADMO-PCT not only assists in resolving problems for the various Units, it also collects opinions from multiple parties and reviews the actual implementation of the guidelines. If necessary, it will revise the relevant guidelines and provide recommended measures so as to assist the various Units in their procurement operations.

Representatives from ADMO-PCT had an orderly explanation of relevant guidelines.

The workshop was held in three sessions, and participants of the first session was about 140.