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Reminder: Enrolment for Obra das Mães Nursery School Starts Next Tuesday (14/04/2020)
提提您:母親會托兒所將於下週二 (14/04/2020) 開始接受報名
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Dear Colleagues,

提提您:澳門母親會聖約翰托兒所將於2020414日至18日公開招生。如於2020418日或之前交妥文件,澳大教職員之子女報讀母親會聖約翰托兒所(澳大校區)將有優先名額 (其他母親會托兒所除外)。請各位同事遵循以下報名程序並遞交所需文件:
Macau Obra das Mães Creche S. João Nursery School will open registration from 14 April to 18 April 2020. Priority will be given to the children of UM staff members who complete the submission of documents by 18 April 2020 (Applicable to Nursery School at UM Only). Please follow the application procedures and submit required documents as shown below:

Please note that interested parties can submit the enrolment form through online application:

Online Application
Step 1: Fill in and submit application form through website
during 14 to 18 April 2020 (http://www.odm.org.mo/index.php)
Step 2: Provide Application number, Name of your child and your UM staff card copy to Obra das Mães before
18 April 2020 via:

For more information, please refer to poster as attached or browse http://www.odm.org.mo/index.php or call 2850 6361.


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