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Audio Handbook for “Procurement Process for Goods, Services & Works with an amount of MOP50,000.00 or below”
“金額為澳門元50,000.00或以下的財貨、服務和工程之採購流程” 指引手冊(附詳細語音說明)
Ref. No : KNGG-BSZ4QEPosted by :KeyNg/UMAC
Department :ADMO-PCTPosted Date : 31/08/2020
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to introduce a new procurement tool – an audio handbook on the captioned topic for you (in particular the colleagues who handle purchase requests).

This handbook contains comprehensive description and audio explanation. It serves as an easy guide of procurement process for colleagues who have already possessed basic knowledge of the e-PR system.

What will be discussed in the audio handbook? You are encouraged to download and study the audio handbook which can be found on the ADMO website or through this link: http://um2.um.edu.mo/apps/com/umdoc.nsf/refno/B0683A6D4C013466482585D2002AAE4A/$FILE/Supplementary%20Information%20and%20Points%20to%20Note_20200828.pptx?Open

In addition to this audio handbook, an Administrative Workshop (行政工作坊) of the same subject will be held in October 2020. Further announcement will be made in due course.

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