Friendly Reminder: Provident Fund Scheme - Seminar (Today) and Private Consultation Session (13 Sep 2018)
提提您:員工公積金計劃 - 講座(今天)及個人諮詢服務(2018年9月13日)
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Dear Colleagues,

茲通知宏利人壽保險(國際)有限公司 (簡稱“宏利”) 將於九月上旬為本校舉行下列有關公積金之活動,詳情如下:
We would like to inform that the Manulife (International) Limited ("Manulife") will provide the following provident fund services in our University at the beginning of September, details are as follows:

公積金講座 P-Fund Seminar

In order to know more about the provident fund scheme and how to manage the personal account, you are cordially invited to join the "Provident Fund Seminar" which to be held by the Manulife today. Details of the seminar are as follows:

201895 (今天)
5 September 2018 (Today)
Venue and Time
英語場 English Session:
地點 Venue: 人文社科樓 Humanities and Social Sciences Building, E21-G015
時間 Time: 10:30 - 11:30

廣東話場 Cantonese Session:
地點 Venue: 行政樓 Administration Building, N6-1011
時間 Time: 12:00 - 13:00
劉嘉鴻先生 Mr. Christopher Lau
亞洲投資顧問服務部高級總監 Senior Director, Investment Consulting Services, Asia

袁志豪先生 Mr. Gordon Yuen
僱員福利部-客戶關係副總監 Customer Relationship Associate Director, Employee Benefits
  • 公積金計劃簡介 P-fund Scheme Summary
  • 公積金計劃特點 P-fund Scheme Features
  • 網上服務指南 (例如:建立個人網上帳户及取得密碼之步驟等。) On-line Service Guide (e.g. personal e-account registration and getting password procedures, etc.)
  • 宏利額外服務 (例如:手機應用程式及到價提示功能等。) Other Value Added Service (e.g. mobile app and fund price alert function, etc.)
  • 環球市場透視及展望 Financial Market Perspectives and Outlook
  • 問答環節 Q & A

如有任何垂詢,請致電840585718558 跟人力資源處薪酬與福利組聯絡或電郵至hrs_comp_benefits_grp@umac.mo查詢
Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact HRS Compensation and Benefits Team at ext. 8405, 8571, 8558 or email to

All colleagues are welcome to join and please grasp this chance to know more about your provident fund!

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Human Resources Section