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Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP): Training Courses (2nd Series of June 2021)
行政公職局:培訓課程 (2021年6月份第2期)
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Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 11/06/2021
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Dear Colleagues,

Enclosed please find the information of the training courses organized by the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) for your reference.

Seq. No.
Course Name
Application Deadline
Activities Planning and Organizing Skills (in Cantonese)
Class 1: 09/07/2021
Class 2 & 3: 17/09/2021
Large Scale Event Management Course (Cantonese)
Practical Approach and Introduction on Public Relations (in Cantonese)
Portuguese Conversation - Administration (Advanced)
Portuguese Conversation - Public Reception (Advanced)
Intensive Portuguese - Level II

Course details can be downloaded from the following link:

For those who are interested, please enroll through the G2E PlatformNote on or before the application deadlines.

Please check your own schedule availability (including any postgraduate degree or outside training) prior to submission to HRS. Applicants are not recommended to withdraw from the course(s) without ground reason(s).

All enrolments will be considered as confirmed only after formal notification from the SAFP is obtained (either in official letter format or in SMS format).

Management and Services Platform for Civil Servants (G2E Platform)
Starting from 27 September 2020, the enrollment of courses organized by the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) and the Centro de Formação Jurídica e Judiciária (CFJJ) have to be conducted through the “Management and Services Platform for Civil Servants (G2E Platform)”.

The application and approval process will be done through the G2E Platform by logging in “Personnel Login Account (工作人員登入號)” with the steps as illustrated below:

Please click the attached pdf and link for guidance of application and approval procedures via the G2E platform:
To register “Personnel Login Account (工作人員登入號)”, please fill out the e-form and submit the signed hard copy to Michelle Loi or Cindy Lo of the Human Resources Section (ext. 8594/8543). SAFP will then confirm the registration by sending the “activation code” via SMS. Please follow the instructions in the SMS to activate your account by then.

Should you have any enquiry regarding the application, please feel free to contact Ms. Yoyo Lau or Ms. Elizabeth Chan of Human Resources Section (ext. 8591/8526, hr_training@um.edu.mo).

Thank you for your kind attention.

Human Resources Section