Civil servants are allowed to enter casinos during Chinese New Year holiday 2018
Ref. No : QLOO-AVZ55PPosted by :QueenieLo/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 15/02/2018
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Dear Colleagues,

Please be informed that according to the dispatch of the Chief Executive dated 24/01/2018, it was authorized that personnel of Public Services are allowed to enter casinos of Macau SAR during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This dispatch is also applicable to UM staff members.

The authorization for entrance covers the period between 20h00 of 15 Feb 2018 (Thursday) and 00h00 of 19 Feb 2018 (Monday). Civil servants who have already entered the casinos within the above mentioned period are allowed to stay there until 02h00 of 19 Feb 2018.

Enclosed please find a copy of the official letter from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau about the captioned subject for your information.


Thank you for your attention.

Human Resources Section