Work Healthily & Live Happily: A Friendly Working Environment for You
「健康工作,快樂生活」: 為您而設之貼心工作環境
Ref. No : EICC-APE7BBPosted by :ElizabethICChan/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 27/07/2017
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Dear Colleagues,

The University recognizes the importance of providing all UM staff a healthy and friendly working environment that supports passion at work and healthy life. This is achieved by furnishing colleagues with different facilities, such as the following:

Staff Lounge 員工休息室
Staff Lounge

Committed to providing a healthy working environment, the University has established several staff lounges where staff can relax and recharge or enjoy a social time with colleagues. The University has planned to expand to 21 lounges in different buildings for more staff to enjoy the facility.


    To assist the University for continued improvement on working environment, you are welcome to voice your opinions and suggestions. Let's create a better future together!


    Best Regards,
    Human Resources Section, Office of Administration
    行政部人力資源處 謹啟