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Reminder from Human Resources Section of Office of Administration
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Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 17/02/2020
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Dear Colleagues,

As the work resumed today (17 February 2020), we wish to remind the following arrangement and provide some anti-epidemic tips.
  1. Staff members should have their staff card available when they are on campus.
  2. Fill out the online health declaration issued by the Health Bureau everday. After arriving at the workplace, present the proof of completing the online health declaration to your units before entering the office. Staff members who are in the following situation(s), are required to fill out another online health declaration issued by the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP). Staff members are required to declare the health status everyday before 11:00 am, until reaching 14 days after returning to Macao or having contact with an infected person. (Details please refer to bulletin)
    i. Staff members who had been to the Mainland China other than Hubei Province within the past 14 days (including staff members who are residing in the Mainland China), or;
    ii. Staff members who had contacted with person(s) who has/have been infected with the novel coronavirus pneumonia without proper protection, but is not classified as close contact person by the Health Bureau.
  3. Wear a mask, especially if you are a frontline staff; used masks should be thrown into lidded rubbish bins.
  4. Do not gather or eat together.
  5. Try to keep a distance from others.
  6. Suggest to stop using air-conditioning. Open the windows frequently; keep the environment clean and good ventilation.
  7. Staff Shuttle Bus Service resumes normal operation. The arrangement of the public transportation from/to UM campus is as below. (Details please refer to bulletin)
    i. For Bus route no. 71
    · The first run to 11:00: every half an hour per run
    · 11:00 to 17:00: every hour per run
    · 17:00 to 21:00: every half an hour per run
    · 21:00 to the last run: every hour per run
    ii. Night time bus route no. N6 will not travel to/from the UM campus.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Human Resources Section, Office of Administration