Handouts, Related Documents & Photo Sharing: Administrative Workshops (5) , (6) and (7)
行政工作坊(五)、(六)及(七) - 講義、相關資料及照片分享
Ref. No : EICC-ARVDNPPosted by :ElizabethICChan/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 06/10/2017
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Administrative Workshop (5), (6) and (7) Focusing on Academic HR Affairs were Held in September

In September 2017, a series of workshops focusing on HR affairs for academic staff members were launched by the Human Resources Section of Office of Administration to assist administrative staff of faculties and academic units in handling related process and procedures. They were namely,

· “Administrative Workshop (5) – Academic Promotion for 2017/2018” held on 7th September with 33 participants
· “Administrative Workshop (6) – Academic Recruitment Affairs” held on 20th September with 42 participants
· “Administrative Workshop (7) – Compensation & Benefit Affairs” held on 28th September with 41 participants

With a total number of 116 participants, the 3 workshops covered a wide range of subjects, including academic promotion work flow, major revisions on promotion stipulations, recruitment procedures, sabbatical leave, no-pay leave and outside practice, etc. Real case scenarios were discussed with highly interactive Q&A sessions during these workshops.

“Administrative Workshops” is a series of seminars/briefings open to all administrative colleagues that aims at enhancing work efficiency and enriching the skills of administrative professionals in the University. Workshop materials can be accessed from here:

Last but not least, thank you again for your participation and support.

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