Revision of “Guidelines for the Preliminary Performance Review”
Ref. No : AVOG-ASNAUFPosted by :AmandaVong/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 31/10/2017
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1 November 2017
Dear Colleagues,

For consistency purpose, the University has revised the “Guidelines for the Preliminary Performance Review" in order that the attributes and ratings of the Preliminary Performance Review be the same as that of the annual performance appraisal for administrative staff. The revised Guidelines have been approved by the Rector and shall come into effect from 2 November 2017.

Please refer to the files below for your reference:
Summary of ChangesSummary of Changes.pdfSummary of Changes.pdf
Guidelines for the Preliminary Performance ReviewGuidelines for the Preliminary Performance Review.pdfGuidelines for the Preliminary Performance Review.pdf

The revised Guidelines have also been uploaded to the link below for your perusal: Governance Documentation Repository

Thank you for your kind attention!

Human Resources Section of the Office of Administration