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Staff Mental Health & Development Consultation Service and Referral Programme 2019
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Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 10/01/2019
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Human Resources Section would like to provide the following service to our colleagues:
人力資源處為同事提供以下服務 :

諮詢服務與轉介 Consultation Service and Referral
生活總是充滿著機會和挑戰,有時候我們需要別人給予支持和建議 ,好讓我們能更好地把握機會和迎接挑戰。同時我們亦希望工作與生活上得到平衡,使身心得到健康和快樂。



Our lives are filled with chances and challenges. Sometimes you may need someone to support or to give you advices on how to grasp your chances and to overcome challenges. In the meantime, you may also hope to enhance your emotional well-being and to achieve the work-life balance.
Our staff counselors are here offering a variety of consultation services, such as providing the mental health information, career counseling or advice, for self development and even family related issues. They are more than happy to listen and to share what you are most concerned about in order to improve your lives.

You are encouraged to refer your colleagues if you feel that they will also benefit from this consultation service. For example, if you realize that recently your colleague's emotion goes up and down or you are seeing unusual behaviors, you are welcome to give the Counselors a call and ask for advice or tell your colleague to call for the service directly. You can also call the Counselors on how to present the service to the colleague. Please refer to the following for details and the important remarks of the Referral.

Mental Health & Development Consultation Service and
Referral Programme for UM Staff

The service is provided by our professional and certified
counselors who have extensive experience in various counseling services

Please contact our counselors via email for consultation appointment

Contact 聯絡方式

:Prof. Brian James Hall
: 1 Aug - 31 Dec 2019
Email 電郵:brianhall@um.edu.mo
Venue 地點:To be arranged with our counselors

All communication between the counselors and the related colleagues will be kept strictly confidential.
Please visit the HRS Website to know more about our Consultation Service: