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Stay at Home during the Period of Exemption from Work (免除上班期間)
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Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 06/02/2020
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Dear Colleagues,

Regarding the Chief Executive‘s Dispatch on the exemption from work (免除上班) for civil servants, the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) has earlier issued guidelines that the government departments should provide indispensable services for maintaining public order, safety, hygiene and basic social operations during the period of exemption from work. SAFP further supplemented on 6 February, 2020, in order to fulfill staff obligations, staff members who are exempted from work at campus, shall stay at home and avoid going out, unless it is urgent and necessary. The leaders of the government departments can also request staff to return to the office at any time according to the needs of the department. If staff members fail to return to the office within the reasonable time set by the head and without a justifiable reason, it will be considered as unjustifiable absence.

Please refer to the attached guidelines for details.
行政公職局指引 Guidelines from SAFP.pdf

Thank you for your attention!

Human Resources Section

(Ref: PPC/HRS/045)