Filling out the “Macau Health Code”
Ref. No : DSZE-BPA5RZPosted by :DorothySze/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 04/05/2020
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Dear Colleagues,

The Macau Health Bureau has launched the “Macau Health Code” on 3 May 2020, to replace the “Personal Health Declaration”. When UM staff members arrive at the workplace, they shall declare their health condition as usual and present the “Macau Health Code” to their units (please find the following link and QR Code).

The health code will display one of the following 3 colors according to different conditions:
(1) Green: entry permitted;
(2) Red: entry denied;
(3) Yellow: please exercise self-health management.

The units should check the health code of their colleagues. The details of staff member shall be reported to the Human Resources Section via email at if the color of health code indicates either red or yellow.

Macau Health Code of the Health Bureau:

Thank you for your cooperation!

Human Resources Section
(Ref: PPC/HRS/083)