Outlets Business Status Adjustment - S8 Luen Fung Supermarket and E12 Red Forest Restaurant
商舖營業情況調整 — S8聯豐超市及E12紅樹林餐廳
Ref. No : BLAM-BR28WGPosted by :BetaLam/UMAC
Department :CMDO-FDSPosted Date : 29/06/2020
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Dear Colleagues and Students,

Please be informed that the business status of below two outlets are adjusted as following:
  • 'Luen Fung Supermarket' at S8 University Mall will be closed at 15:00 on 30 June 2020 due to stock take. Services will be resumed to normal from 1 July 2020;
  • 'Red Forest Restaurant' at E12 Faculty of Health Sciences is temporarily closed from today until further notice due to the facility maintenance work.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused and your understanding is highly appreciated. 

For business hours of other outlets, please visit below: https://fds.cmdo.um.edu.mo/retails-dining/

For enquiry, please contact 8822 8531/8822 8798 or email to fds.outlet@um.edu.mo.

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