Student Housing : Accepted Application List (Batch 2) and Payment Information of Postgraduate House Application for 1st Semester of Academic Year 2020/2021 (Payment Period of Non-refundable Reservation Fee : 26 Jun - 03 Jul 2020)
學生住宿:2020/2021學年第1學期研究生宿舍住宿核准申請名單(第二批)及繳費事宜 (留位費繳交期:2020年6月26至7月3日,留位費一旦支付,不作退還)
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2020/1 PGH Non-refundable Reservation Fee
Please note that the Accepted Application List (Batch 2) and Payment Information of Postgraduate House (PGH) Accommodation Application Result for 1st semester of Academic Year 2020/2021 is attached below:
PGH Accepted Application List_1st sem AY2020-2021 (as at 22 Jun 2020).pdfPGH Accepted Application List_1st sem AY2020-2021 (as at 22 Jun 2020).pdf

Since the number of applicants exceeds the number of bed space vacancies, a part of the applications cannot be approved at the moment and are put on the waiting list mainly due to the following reasons:

1. In accordance with the PGH move-in declaration endorsed by students when making PGH application, postgraduate students who are beyond their normal study period have a lower priority to be allocated for bed spaces.
2. According to Postgraduate House Point System, if the number of applicants exceeds the number of available bed spaces of the semester, the PGH point will be considered as a reference standard. Students with zero or a negative point have a lower priority to be allocated for bed spaces.

Once there are bed spaces available, vacancies will be allocated to students on waiting list. The waiting list will be updated according to the following schedule. There is no guarantee when a bed space will be available, students on waitlist may refer to Macao Real Estate Information if needed. You may check some recommendations in the following link:

A. Schedule:
Date / Period
Payment of Non-refundable
PGH Reservation Fee
(For accepted applicants of Batch 1)
08 - 17 Jun 2020
Release Accepted Application List (Batch 2)
22 Jun 2020
Payment of Non-refundable
PGH Reservation Fee
(For accepted applicants of Batch 2)
26 Jun - 03 Jul 2020
Final Results (With Room Allocation)
10 Jul 2020
Results updating for waiting list
To be announced
(NO updated list will be released if no bed spaces available)

B. Settling Payment of Non-refundable Reservation Fee:
· Since bed spaces are limited, students are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE Reservation Fee , equivalent to 1-month residence fee, in order to reserve their bed spaces for the 1st sem of AY2020/2021. Payment deadline is 19:00, 3 Ju1y 2020. The fee is listed as follows:
Room TypeNon-refundable Reservation Fee
Suite$ 4,700 per couple
Single Room$ 2,160 per student
Shared Room$ 1,380 per student
Disable Room$ 1,380 per student
· Upon completion of the move-in procedure of the concerned stay period, a PGH residence fee for the move-in month to Dec 2020 will be FULLY charged according to the approved room type stated in the Final results. The paid reservation fee will be used to offset the PGH residence fee and students will be required to settle the balance of the PGH residence fee.
· For students who have settled the Non-refundable Reservation Fee, if they cancel their bed spaces, regardless of when they apply for the cancellation, the paid Reservation Fee shall still be forfeited
· For students who have settled the Non-refundable Reservation Fee but fail to complete the PGH move-in procedure within the first month of the concerned stay period and do not send to the PGH a written request for move-in extension, their bed spaces will be cancelled by the PGH. The paid Reservation Fee shall also be forfeited.
· E-debit Note will be issued through the Student Information System (SI). (
· Students can print out the e-debit note and settle the payment at Bank of China (BOC) / Banco Nacional Ultramarino S.A. (BNU) or through E-banking.
· Any LATE payment will NOT be accepted and NO bed space will be reserved.
· For students who have completed the change room procedure for changing their rooms from shared rooms to single rooms or vice versa, or from shared/single rooms to suites or vice versa, the entire month of PGH residence fee will be charged on the room type with HIGHER room rate.
· Please pay attention that the PGH Residence Fee, Refund Terms and Conditions have been updated and takes effect t from Academic Year 2019/2020. For details, please refer to PGH website.

C. Remarks:

I. Any Payment of Reservation Fee which is NOT settled on or before 03 Jul 2020,19:00 will automatically be considered as giving up the allocated bed space for 1st Sem of AY2020/2021 and your e-debit note will be deleted automatically from the Student Information (SI) system on or before 31 Oct 2020.

II. After the stay period you apply for is confirmed in the Final Result by SRS, NO request for extending the stay will be entertained.

III. Students staying in PGH during summer stay who have NOT settled their 1st semester of 2020/2021 academic year residence fee or whose 1st semester of 2020/2021 academic year applications are NOT approved are required to move out from PGH on or before 31 Jul 2020, 14:00. For students who have NOT moved out by 31 Jul 2020, their room cards will be de-activated, and besides residence fee, overstay penalty (MOP400/suite/per night, MOP200/single room/per night and MOP140/student in a shared room/per night) will be imposed until completion of move out procedure. Moreover, an eviction order will be issued to the overstayed students.

IV. Students are required to make the move-out appointment with the management company office at least 72 hours before your actual move-out date, if not, a handling fee of MOP500 will be charged. Receipt will be issued by the Management Company after the appointment is made (please keep it for further reference). For example, if a student would like to move out on 31 Jul (11:00am), s/he shall make the reservation via the Management Company on/before 28 Jul (11:00am). Besides, PGH residents must return their room keys or cards and any other UM properties and pay all the related fees and fines upon move-out.

V. For those residents who have moved out of PGH WITHOUT performing the move-out procedure, UM will not only take relevant disciplinary actions but will also charge the handling fees. UM will charge the residence fee until move-out procedure is completed.

VI. Students are required to remove the personal belongings and garbage in the room before move-out. Otherwise, their belongings in the room will be disposed and the Garbage Removal Fee (MOP370 per person) will be levied.

VII. For students who are on the waiting list and were previously staying in single rooms, when there is any vacant bed space, the student will only be allocated to a shared room bed space instead of a bed space in the single room.

VIII. Room changing application for 1st semester of 2020/2021 will be announced in due course. Any room changing request received outside the room changing application period will not be entertained.

IX. For any room with vacant beds, the Student Resources Section (SRS) reserves all rights to assign other students to it at any moment.

X. SRS reserves the right of final decision.

XI. For detailed calculations of the PGH residence fee, please refer to this link : ( HYPERLINK "" )

Thank you for your kind attention.

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