Student Housing: 2022 Summer Luggage Storage Result
學生住宿: 2022暑期行李寄存服務結果
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2022 Summer Luggage Storage
Dear Postgraduate Students,
Please note that the Postgraduate House (PGH) Summer Luggage Storage Service Application Result 2022 is attached below:
2022 Summer Luggage Storage Result.pdf2022 Summer Luggage Storage Result.pdf

A. Luggage Storage Schedule:

If the luggage boxes are not retrieved on or before the assigned date, an administrative fee and penalty fee will be charged. Please refer to "Point D Late Retrieval Penalty" for the details of the penalty scheme.

2nd Semester of Academic Year 2021/2022 PGH Last Move-Out DateLuggage Store-in PeriodLuggage Retrieval Date
31 May 2022, before 14:0020 May 2022 to 31 May 2022Before 31 Aug 2022

B. Luggage Storage Arrangement:
I. Each eligible student may apply for a maximum of THREE (3) storage spaces. Any additional paid storage space(s) needs to be approved by SRS.
II. PGH Summer Luggage Storage fee is MOP50 per storage space. Students can pay luggage storage fees by Cash (no change), Macau pass and Union Pay “Quick Pass” (Only for Bank of China accounts)
III. Students are required to store all luggage in one go. It is not allowed to store-in for the second time, even the storage quota is not used up.
IV. Students are required to pack their belongings into a bag/box for placing on a floor area or a layer of rack with dimensions of approximately 60cm (Length) x 30cm (Width) and 60cm (Height).
V. All eligible students need to pack and move their luggage(s) by themselves. NO helper assistance will be provided for moving the bag(s)/box(es).
VI. The summer storage service is NOT provided to summer stay students.
VII. Successful applicants for the summer luggage storage are required to download and fill in the summer luggage forms before storing luggage. The form can be found in the Luggage Moving Procedure.
VIII. Eligible students are required to retrieve their stored luggage within the designated Luggage Retrieval Period. Any retrieval of luggage before 31-August is charged MOP 50/ storage space, no matter if any early retrieval of luggage.
IX. Eligible students are responsible for padlocking their luggage boxes. Electronics, consumable goods (such as food, drinks, cash), valuables, fragile goods and illegal goods are NOT allowed in the luggage boxes. UM will inform the authorities for any grounded suspicion of illegal goods.
X. Late application will NOT be accepted and considered. Any decision made by SRS shall be final.

C. Luggage Moving Procedure:
I. Students who are approved for summer luggage storage are required to fill-in the "2022 Summer Luggage Application Form" & "2022 Summer Luggage Declaration Form" and bring the forms and luggage to S2-G017 (opposite S1-150 pax).
II. For students who are not available during the storage period, they are required to fill in the "2022 Summer Luggage Authorization Form" (in the table below) and authorize another UM student to process the procedure.

Type of Forms
2022 PGH Summer Luggage Confirmation Form
2022 PGH Summer Luggage Declaration Form
2022 PGH Summer Luggage Authorization Form

D. Late Retrieval Penalty:
I. An Administrative Fee of MOP100 will be charged for any late retrieval between 1 Sep to 30 Sep 2022.
II. An Administrative Fee of MOP100 and a penalty fee of MOP100 per storage space per month will be charged for any late retrieval between 1 Oct - 31 Dec 2022, with a maximum penalty of MOP300 per month and a total maximum penalty of MOP900 in addition to the MOP100 administrative fee.
III. The Administrative Fee & Penalty Fee will be charged through E-debit Note or by cash upon retrieval of luggage.
IV. SRS has the right to dispose of any stored luggage after the last overdue storage date on 31 Dec 2022.
V. Students have to bear by themselves on any loss of luggage and UM will not be responsible for any loss of luggage.PGH Overdue Summer Luggage Storage Fee (1 SEP - 31 DEC 2022)

Thank you for your kind attention.

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